days till TICAD 7!


《TICAD7 in Yokohama》 TICAD7 @ the Kanagawa Ward Citizen’s Festival!

At the Kanagawa Ward Citizen’s Festival on Sunday, October 7, a booth in the annex of the Kanagawa Ward General Office promoted the upcoming 7th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD 7).

Panels displayed at the event introduced technical cooperation activities between Yokohama and Africa and the support network in place. The continent was brought closer to visitors as "AFRICA NOW" pamphlets published by JICA were distributed and children enjoyed producing the sound of raindrops with the traditional "rainstick" instruments on display.

Despite the uncharacteristic 30-degree October afternoon heat, many people turned out for the event and stopped by the booth in the annex as they came in from outside to cool down.

The Yokohama Waterworks Bureau also sold bottles of Yokohama’s official “Hamakko-Doshi The Water” with special wrapping promoting TICAD7 at a booth on the event grounds in Tanmachi Park. Organizers relayed reminders to visitors to stay hydrated in the heat, so many people could be seen drinking from the TICAD 7 bottles.