Expanding International Technological Cooperation


As of FY2018, Yokohama had welcomed 574 trainees from 47 African countries and dispatched 77 city staff members to 13 countries for technological cooperation. The city has been sending staff members to Malawi since FY2014 to support waterworks projects. Similarly, the Yokohama Water Co., Ltd. (100% owned by the Yokohama City Waterworks Bureau), carries out non-revenue water countermeasure projects in Nigeria, Rwanda and elsewhere. The city thus contributes to improving waterworks in the region.

Waster Management

As African economies grow rapidly and populations in urban areas increase, so does the need to deal effectively with waste. To support these countries, Yokohama welcomes relevant African personnel to visit and observe its waste treatment plants. Furthermore, through the African Clean Cities Platform, which was jointly established by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the City of Yokohama in collaboration with various African countries, the city holds seminars to introduce its experience and technologies in the field of waste management. Plans have been made to hold 2nd general meeting of the African Clean Cities Platform in Yokohama concurrently with TICAD 7.The city thus supports enhancement of waste management in Africa.


Yokohama welcomes visitors and accepts trainees from African countries every year, introducing them to the Port of Yokohama, its operations, its activities to improve logistical efficiency, and its maintenance and management programs. In FY2018, 51people from 19 African countries visited the port.